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RUMPI Supports 10 Women Food crop Marketing Cooperatives

“Within the Framework of the Execution of the RUMPI Project, 10 newly created Women Food crop Marketing Cooperatives in the South West Region have benefited from institutional and technical support from the project. These women food crop cooperatives include; Muea Women Maize Marketing Cooperative, Banga Bakundu Women Yam Marketing Cooperative, Akeh Lewoh Women Cassava Marketing Cooperative, 3 Corners Ndungated Women Plantain Marketing Cooperative, Afap Women Plantain Marketing Cooperative, Mamfe Women Yam Marketing Cooperative, Bole Bakundu Women Plantain Marketing Cooperative, Bekora Barombi Women Yam Marketing Cooperative, Peng Women Maize Marketing Cooperative and Ngombo ku Women Cassava Marketing Cooperative.

Since their training at the Presbyterian Church Center in Kumba on 7th and 8th January 2011, RUMPI project has facilitated the monitoring of their functioning as a cooperative and provided them with institutional support which includes; securing their registration certificates, giving sign boards, round stamps and technical support in the form of coaching on group dynamics and basic recordkeeping. The cooperatives were trained on using receipt booklets, purchase books, sales books, cash books, income statement or profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. The cooperatives were provided with ledgers and encouraged to draw the books. The women have since been selling their crops in a collectivity on market days where they display their sign boards and charge similar prices for the commodities. This has in the short term resulted increased bargaining power and the potentials of increased living standards in the long run. Another form of support has been the organization of exchange visits (during their meeting days) among the cooperatives which creates the opportunity for sharing ideas and seeking solutions to their common problems. Their networking skills are also enhanced in the process.

In order to assure their sustainability, some of the cooperatives such as Muea women have secured a farm and planted maize while Banga Bakundu women have planted yams. Women in Akeh Lewoh have planted cassava while Afap women have diversified into garri selling during the plantain off season. A major lesson learnt is that the women readily embraced the opportunity to pull their resources together because they have been wishing for a catalyst to get them together. Another lesson relates to their sharp thinking towards sustainability and diversification during off peak sales periods. The RUMPI contracted MUDEC Group to provide the services designed to satisfy the felt needs of the food crop marketing cooperatives.