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    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

Nguti Strategic Plan 2009


The Nguti Strategic Plan (2010-2014) has been realized thanks to the timely efforts of several development actors who were constantly solicited to make valuable contributions collectively and individually. These include but are not limited to

  1. The Management  of Nguti Council, Councilors and Staff
  2. Heads of Government Technical Services in Nguti Municipality
  3. Traditional Authorities
  4. Leaders of Women and Youth Groups
  5. Faith Based  and other Civil Society Organizations
  6. Several Technical Services at the Regional level that were consulted to secure and triangulate information

Furthermore, sincere gratitude is extended to the PSMNR-SWR whose financial and technical support facilitated the accomplishment of this groundbreaking exercise in the history of Nguti Municipality. Our Municipality is indeed indebted to all of you. Your timely contributions have enabled the realization of this roadmap that will guide development processes in Nguti Municipality several years into the future…

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