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Banyu Clan Village Development Plan


A Village Development Plan (VDP) is a document produced by a village with the help of external resource persons (facilitators). It elaborates the necessary steps that can help guide development within a community.

Banyu Clan is located in Nguti sub division in Kupe- Muanenguba division of the South West Region of Cameroon. From available records, the population of Banyu clan is about 3,480 persons (53% females) who belong to the Mbo ethnic group. The ratio of females to males is proportionate 1:1. The population break down is such that there are about 48% of children, 43% adults and 9% senior citizens.

The most pressing problems identified within this clan include:

  • No Communication Network
  • No Road or Bridges
  • No Community Hall
  • Absence of Electricity
  • Absence of Pipe borne Water
  • Pest and Epidemic Attack on Plant
  • No good Market Structure
  • Absence of Secondary Education
  • No Basic Healthcare Facility
  • Absence of Recreational Facilities

Despite these huge challenges the clan in blessed with huge unexploited land and forest resource which can be harnessed for commercial agriculture. There are also water bodies including waterfalls that can turn turbines and produce hydro electricity. The population is committed and willing to make valuable contributions toward the realization of development initiatives. A participatory process as witnessed during the elaboration of the VDP was a first of its kind for the population and promises to jump start their collective views toward their development…

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