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Lower Mbo Clan Village Development Plan


A Village Development Plan (VDP) is a document that enhances the capacity of village
communities to mobilize and efficiently use their potentials in order to guide their development
processes. It aims at creating an enabling environment for investors, resources users and resource managers to secure the future of the village within a given timeframe.
The planning process for Lower Mbo (VDP) started on the 8th of February 2009 with the Pre-
Planning Meeting. This was followed by a Public Dialogue where a Village Planning Team
(VPT) was formed and trained. An Assessment of the village and a Strategic Planning Workshop
completed the planning process. The VDP was developed in the context in which the village
communities are the committed owners.
Lower Mbo Clan is made up of nine villages (Elumba, Etawang, Ehunyampe, Etodi, Nzoa,
Kamalumpe, Ekwenzo, Tabongkwa and Tangang) and has a combined population of about 5.000
inhabitants (56% women) who are of Mbo ethnic group. The clan is one of nine clans that
constitute Nguti Municipality. It has several potentials that can reinforce development
opportunities. These potentials include: …

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