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    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

Proposal for an Independent Electoral Commission


Since the advent of multiparty politics in Cameroon in the 1990’s there has been increasing demand by the citizenry for greater decentralization in governance. Some strides have been made in this direction, notably the provision for Regional and Local Government in the 1996 revised Constitution.

On the field however, Municipalities have continued to stagnate due to a multiplicity of problems: insufficient resources, unskilled management, citizen apathy, conflict of roles and relationships, neglect of the marginalized, lack of transparency in management etc, a far cry from local good governance.

The result is rural exodus, urban decay, unemployment, rise in violent crime, alarming rise in the incidence of HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation to mention but a few.

It is against this background that MUDEC Group was formed with the aim of developing the capacities of Municipal Authorities as well as the communities living therein to work together to build sustainable Municipalities in Cameroon. MUDEC-Group is a service delivery organization (Service Provider) located in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

We are a development-oriented organization with no political, religious or cultural affiliations. The Group comprises individuals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds who are well versed in their subject domains.


Since 1992 Cameroon has organized several multi party elections including Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils. For most citizens, however, this has largely been cosmetic as all previous election results have been vigorously contested on the basis of widespread rigging and voter disenfranchisement.

For instance, during the 2002 elections to both the Parliament and Local Councils there were 6.8 million registered voters nationwide. But for the recent 2004 Presidential elections only about 4 million registered in spite of several public sensitization campaigns.

The Government of Cameroon is therefore determined to improve on this situation by instituting an Independent Electoral Commission.

The Management Control Team of MUDEC Group in its continuous attempts to contribute towards national development and having consulted others shades of opinion on this issue herewith proposes to the Government of Cameroon to consider the following:


Þ     There is an Electoral Commission  for the Republic , which is independent and subject only to the constitution and the law

Þ    The Commission shall be impartial and shall exercise its powers and perform its functions without fear, favour or prejudice

Þ    The Constitution of the Republic is amended to create this organ


Þ     The objective of the commission is to strengthen constitutional democracy and promote democratic electoral processes


Þ     Manage any election:

Þ    Ensure that any election is free and fair

Þ    Promote conditions conducive to free and fair elections

Þ    Promote knowledge of sound and democratic electoral processes

Þ    Compile and maintain voters rolls by means of a system of registering eligible voters by utilizing data available from government sources and information furnished by voters

Þ    Compile and maintain a register of political parties

Þ    Establish and maintain liaison and cooperation  with political parties

Þ    Undertake  and promote research into electoral matters

Þ    Promote the development of electoral expertise and technology in all spheres of government

Þ    Continuously review electoral legislation and propose electoral legislation and make recommendations in connection therewith

Þ    Promote voter education

Þ    Promote cooperation with and between persons, institutions, governments and administrations for the achievement of its objectives

Þ    Demarcate wards in the local sphere of government or to cause them to  be demarcated

Þ    Declare the results of elections for national, regional and municipal legislative bodies within seven days after such elections

Þ    Adjudicate disputes which may arise from the organization, administration or conducting of elections and which are of an administrative nature; and

Þ    Appoint appropriate public administrators in any sphere of government to conduct elections when necessary.


Þ     10 members

Þ    Comprising one from each region with a fair gender balance

Þ    They are nominated by the President and endorsed by Parliament and the Supreme Court

Þ    They should include Cameroonians from several career backgrounds and political parties

Þ    They can be removed by Acts or Parliament only

Þ    The term should be 10 year with no re appointment

Þ    There should be a Chief Electoral Officer

Þ    There should be Regional Offices comprising persons from within the region

Þ    Commission members should be protected from prosecution for acts related to their activities.


  • Members should serve impartially and independently and perform their function as such in good faith and without fear, favour or prejudice
  • If appointed in a full-time capacity, members serve as such to the exclusion of any other duty or obligation arising out of any other employment or occupation or the holding of any other office, unless specifically authorized thereto by the President of the Republic.


Administration, Staff and Accountability:

  • · There should be a Chief Electoral Officer (appointed by the Commission) who is the head of administration and accounting of the commission
  • · There should be annual audits of the commission

Registration of Political Parties

  • · The Chief Electoral Officer, upon consultation with the commission should register political parties in Cameroon

Establishment of an Electoral Court

  • · There should be an Electoral Court with status of the Supreme Court that should make rules in terms of which electoral disputes and complaints about infringements of the Electoral Code of Conduct are resolved.

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