Municipal Development Counselling (MUDEC) Group .:: MUDEC GROUP ::.
  • Our Mission

    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

Partnership Build

Why the Strategic Development Plan at Village, Community, Council, Regional, National Level?

 Effective use of scarce resources.
 Helps to speed up delivery of services.
 Helps to attract additional funds
 Strengthens Democracy
 Helps to overcome the Legacy of unplanned Development
 Promotes Coordination between Local, Provincial, Regional and National Government agencies.

 Management Skills Transfer:
Basic Record Keeping
Leadership & Group Dynamic
 Project Implementation Monitoring Evaluation(PIME)
 Project Cycle Management(PCM)
 Market Revenue Studies
 Newsitems /Newsletters
 Radio & Television Talk Shows
 Conflict Management
 Participatory Planning
 Building Bridges: Civil Society & Government Technical Services
 Public Hearings
 Producer & Marketing Cooperatives: Formation & Functioning
 Networking

“Empower People such that they can hold their Leaders Accountable & Responsible”
MUDEC-Group, Buea.

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