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Addendum National Gender Policy of Cameroon

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Date: 15th September 2014.


To whom it may Concern

Within the Framework of the Composition and Functioning of Gender Committees at the level of Local Councils in Cameroon, the Institutional Framework on page 64 of the National Gender Policy calls for the Divisional Officer to be the presiding official.

Based on field realities in our local context, MUDEC Group (a Buea based Local Capacity Builder) which has sufficient expertise in gender issues and currently facilitating the implantation of Gender Committees in Local Councils within the South West Region, proposes that the highest elected female within the council should coordinate the activities of the Gender Committee at the council level.

This will ensure effective representation of the aspirations of women and youth during an elected mandate of five (05) years within each municipality. It will further enable beneficiaries of council services to link up directly with local decision makers.

The elected female official should make periodic reports to the Divisional Officer in each sub-division in order to assure better coordination and realization of the felt needs of women, youth and other underprivileged persons in each municipality.

This document is submitted in favour of the smooth functioning of Gender Committees in Local Councils.

Sincerely submitted,

Mr. Charlie Mbonteh,

Team Leader, MUDEC Group – Buea.

“Empower people such that they can hold their leaders more accountable and responsive”



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