Municipal Development Counselling (MUDEC) Group .:: MUDEC GROUP ::.
  • Our Mission

    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

About Us

MUDEC Group, Secretariat.

Date of Creation: 14th February 2002.

Status: Non Governmental / Not – for – Profit (HeforShe) Organization.

Registration Number: SW/GP/29/02/2346

Tax payer card No:  M020200041735B

EU / PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration) No. CM-2009-GAL-2212594695

EU / ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) No. mudecgroup2010.

Vision: A HeforShe Organization committed and effectively working toward Municipalities where information is freely generated and disseminated resulting to people participating actively in decisions that affect their lives.

Mission: “Reducing poverty in our Municipalities through encouraging Gender Equality and increasing Citizen (End User) participation in Democratic and Governance Processes.

Goal: To Enhance Development through Responsive Governance

Main Objectives of MUDEC Group:

  • Build the Capacities of Local Government Authorities and Staff and CSO in Planning, Management, Finance, Infrastructure and Income Generating Activities.
  • Develop Partnerships and Networking among NGO’s, CBO’s, Municipal Authorities and the Private Sector.
  • Sensitize Municipal Authorities in key areas such as Poverty, Gender and the Environment.
  • Link Human Resource Development with Increased Organizational Performance / Service Delivery.

Initial / Current Membership: 28 persons (80% women) with various socio-cultural, economic and professional backgrounds. Current membership is 120 (93% are female).

Organizational Scope / Areas of Operation:

MUDEC Group is actively involved in the business of participatory governance especially in Knowledge Development and Dissemination with the expected result to empower people such that they can hold their Leaders Accountable and Responsible. MUDEC operates primarily within both English Speaking Regions but effectively to all English Speaking Communities in Cameroon.

Target Group:

a)     Locally Elected Officials such as Mayors, Councilors, Standing Committees and their collaborators including Council Staff who are in local decision making positions.

Main Beneficiaries:

b)    Non State Actors including Women & Youth Groups, Community Based Organizations,    Development Intermediaries, Traditional & Religious Authorities.

c)     End Users of Council Services including men, women, elderly & youth, widows & widowers, persons living with special needs.

MUDEC Structure / Functioning:

a)     General Assembly

b)    Management Board

c)     Staff

d)    Target Groups / Beneficiaries (end users).