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    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

WOFIG Vision 2018

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Enhancing development through responsive governance

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                                                                                                                     Date: 10th March 2015

Subject:   WOFIG Vision 2018

The MOMENT for WOMANHOOD is Here & Now, Let us Catch it Together!!

To: All Female Deputy Mayors.

Cc: – The Honourable Etombi Gladys, Member of Parliament Fako East. Limbe.

         Mrs. Tazi Bertha, Coordinator KUMBAWOFIG Steering Committee, Kumba.

         Mrs Eyere Takor, Coordinator LIMBEWOFIG Steering Committee, Limbe.

Ladies, greetings from MUDEC Group in Buea.

As the world evaluates the successes and challenges of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and prepares the groundwork for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is urgent need to localize our thinking and concretely strategize on a way forward in our region.

As elected female officials, you have a obligation and duty to positively influenced the lives of the majority of our population including women and youth who constitute more than 70% of inhabitants in the South West Region.

There are plenty of opportunities out there which you need to harness to the benefit of our womenfolk. While we absolutely must partner and collaborate with male colleagues, we need not overly depend on them!!!

The value of female elected officials will tremendously rise if these officials elaborate a practical roadmap designed to engage inclusive governance. It is in this line of thinking that MUDEC Group ( a Buea based Local Capacity Builder) is proposing to engage in building your capacities (individually and collectively).

Concretely, MUDEC proposes WOFIG Vision 2018 in the South West Region. This measurable Roadmap will include (also see the Action Plan that was elaborated during the recently organized Gender Public Squares (GPS)):

Create & Coach WOFIG in all Sub-divisions in the region.

Create & Coach Gender Committees in each council in the region.

Create & Coach WOFIG Steering Groups in Limbe and Kumba (City level).

Lobby for the Adoption of Municipal Deliberations bearing on Gender Responsive Budgeting in our municipalities.

Register / Legalize WOFIG especially the Steering Groups in Limbe & Kumba.

Open a bank Account with 03 signatories.

Elaborate Action plan 2016 to 2018:

  • Politically, Mobilize & Organize Women / Youth for elections 2018.
  • Economically, Mobilize Resources & Support Grass root Self Reliant Projects.
  • Socio-Culturally, Maintain sustained sensitization against identified negative norms on Womanhood / Girl child.

This is MUDEC’s line of thinking… What is Yours?

Can we collaborate? If so, please begin with items 1 – 6 listed above. These can be accomplished before April 5th 2015. We can tackle item 07 soonest thereafter.

Let’s put WOFIG on the Development Agenda in Cameroon.

God Bless Us All!!!!

Contact list of Founding Members:

No Name Position Telephone Email
1 Mrs. Tazi Bertha Coordinator, KUMBAWOFIG 677 940 131
2 Mrs. Eyere Takor Coordinator, LIMBEWOFIG 677 948 022
3 Mme Dom Lenya Jessy Bokowe Deputy Mayor, Kumba I 672 251 180
4 Mrs. Nkabyo nee Njuli Ruth Deputy Mayor, Kumba II 675 010 970
5 Mrs. Elonge Hannah Deputy Mayor, Kumba III 675 936 017
6 Mme Ndongo Deputy Mayor, Limbe I 699 886 315
7 Mrs. Nangah Ngalle Deputy Mayor, Limbe II 677 697 067
8 Mrs. Lifanda Deputy Mayor, Limbe III 677 916 717
9 Mme Epolle Anna Deputy Mayor, Bangem 672 263 845
10 Hon. Etombi Gladys M.P. Fako East(Special Adviser) 676 901 043 / 699 962 728
11 Mr. Charlie Mbonteh Team leader, MUDEC Group. (Technical Adviser) 677 649 430
Other Key Actors:
12 Mme Lucia Ediage Director WEC, Kumba 679 664 850
13 Director WEC, Limbe

“Empower people such that they can hold their leaders more accountable and responsive”