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  • Our Mission

    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.

Description of GRB Yahoogroups

Brief Description of the GRB Yahoo groups.

Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) Yahoo groups represents a forum or platform through which Gender Mainstreaming will be widely discussed and concrete action plans proposed beyond the confines of periodically organized workshops and conferences on the subject.

Specifically, GRB Yahoo groups will inspire a generation of Scholars, Researchers, Local & National Administrators, Non State Actors and International Partners to discuss and harness their views toward putting the GRB Agenda on the Council Menu.

This forum will create an enabling environment for inclusive public opinion on gender mainstreaming. GRB Yahoo groups ensures that youth must be involved (using active social media) since adults seem to move slowly.

A major result from the GRB yahoo groups’ discussions will be to engender the Council Budget thus certainly & effectively contributing toward reducing poverty within our municipalities.