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South West Locally Elected Officials Trained

Press Release

Councilors Trained, Gender Committees Installed in 10 Councils in the South West Region.

Within the framework of collaborative agreements between the United Cities and Councils of Cameroon, South West Chapter (UCCC/SWR) and MUDEC Group; councillors in the following municipalities including Ekondo Titi, Bangem, Nguti, Tombel, Toko, Mbonge, Kumba I, II, III, Tiko, and Kumba City have received coaching on their Roles and Responsibilities. These seminars were organixed to improve  councilors’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities so as to render a more conducive working environment in their councils.

During these intensive training workshops, councillors listened to and advanced several candid and challenging remarks on a diverse set of topics including; the Council within the Context of Decentralization, Planning for Balanced Development using the Communal Development Plan (CDP), Mid Term Expenditure Framework (MITEF), Annual Investment Plan (AIP), Public Investment Budget (PIB), the Council Budget & Administrative Accounts, Conflict Management and Gender.

Generally, Councilors expressed satisfaction with the knowledge on their roles and responsibilities and those of the Mayor, Deputies, Standing committee Chairpersons, the Secretary General and Municipal Treasurer but intensively questioned the excessive powers the State has put at the disposal of the Supervisory Authorities which somehow stifles development through bureaucracy.

Councillors also listened to fundraising strategies with focus on twining their municipality especially with cocoa producing belts for a South – South Partnership.

Councilors also benefited from a practical expose on Gender Mainstreaming within their municipalities. Engendering the Budget will render it more responsive thus meeting the aspirations and felt needs of women, youth, persons living with disabilities, boys, girls, widows and widowers, the elderly and homeless. In this respect,  Gender Platforms Women Foundations for Inclusive Governance or WOFIG & Gender Committees (as enshrined in the National Gender Policy of Cameroon).

During the installation of these Gender Committees, the respective Mayors clearly spelt out their terms of reference as well as enjoined the committee members to be more inclusive by reaching to all shades of opinions (political, tribal and religious). These councils are taken the commitment to support the adoption of  Municipal Deliberations bearing on Increasing Financing for Gender Equality (F4GE).

It is worth noting that councillors in these councils are drawn for 3 different political parties including the CPDM, SDF and ANDP, reason why these trainings were timely as well as necessary in sharpening the skills of councillors in order to enhance  healthy and collaborative environments in their councils.

These workshops were facilitated by resource persons from MUDEC Group, a Buea based Local Capacity Builder / Service Provider.