Municipal Development Counselling (MUDEC) Group .:: MUDEC GROUP ::.
  • Our Mission

    • Reducing poverty in our municipalities through encouraging gender equality and increasing citizen (End User) participation in democratic and governance processes.


Advocacy and Lobbying

MUDEC Group empower people such that they can hold their Leaders accountable and responsible by Organizing Public Hearing for the Elected and the Electorate, Facilitating Budget Tracking Initiatives for taxpayers and Facilitated Public Private Partnership Initiative(PPPI) for improved collaboration between stakeholders

Communication and Mobilisation

We gather, analyze and disseminate development oriented information to the appropriate segment of society by developing and publishing newspaper articles, producing and disseminating newsletters, fliers and handbills, facilitating rural radio and rural internet connectivity for rural communities and organizing radio and television talk shows.

Economic Development

In this domain we are involved in building the revenue generating base of communities and organizations such that the tax base is broadened and basic social services can be enjoyed by the population; We achieve this by Conducting feasibility studies for business startup, Formation & Functioning of producer/marketing cooperatives, Facilitating sustainable Pro Poor Tourism activities and the formation & Functioning of Trade Unions in our local communities

Capacity Building

We are involved in Tool/Knowledge development, knowledge transfer (adult training and Institutional Development (ID)/ Organizational Strengthening (OS). Specifically we Organize seminal/workshop for Locally Elected Official and other Development Actors. Elaborate Participatory Development Planning (Strategic /Operational) processes for Villages ,Local Councils and CSO. And Facilitate Fundraising Strategies and Income Generating Activities for Communities and Groups (Gender Sensitive)